About us


We are a team of innovate, energetic, passionate and committed people at compoindia.com
We are having following developers inside the team:
Embedded firmware developer with 6 years of experience.
Embedded firmware developer with 4 years of experience.
Embedded Hardware developer with 10 years of experience.
Embedded highspeed Hardware design developer with 4 years of experience.
QA/QC engineer.
Android developer with 10+ years of experience.
IOS developer with 5+ years of experience.

Kindly find the following services we can provide:

1. Provide POC (proof of concept) based on new concept
2. High Speed hardware designing up to 16 layers.
3. Robust software development in advance microcontroller, Android Processor, Custom linux device driver and AI.
4. IT development like Android Application, iOS application and web designing.
5. Enclosure design
6. Product Support with testing.

Expertise in:
1. Camera driver development in android and linux OS.
2. Robotics.
3. Wireless technology.
4. High speed hardware designing, customization and troubleshooting.
5. Hands on experience on drone with navigation.
6. AOSP.
7. Custom Linux device driver.

Please have a look and let us know if we can provide any support to you.

For more details, contact us on +91 7984668784 or mail us on sales@compoindia.com